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What Is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is part of Spiritualism or Spiritual practice. Spiritual healing is not a religious practice and is not associated with any of the world's principal religions.

Spiritual healing comes from the Divine Spirits (Heavenly Beings - Deities, Angels) even though it is performed by the Healers. The Healers who has achieved attunement through many practice sessions with their Divine Masters begins to perform after obtaining the Divine decree from the Supreme Deity. The Healer is simply a channel or instrument, through whom spiritual power flow when he is engaged in his work, whether it be presence, representative or distant healing.


What We Believe


We believe;

That spiritual or divine healing, being the same thing, comes with the blessings of GOD, through his Divine Ones, the Heavenly Beings.

That we, the Human beings, do not possess any healing power whatsoever.

That God, the Almighty has appointed the Jade Emperor, the Supreme Deity to rule and administer Heaven, Earth and Hell.


Our Healers

They are Volunteers with a sincere desire to serve and a patience to listen and to hear those in need. They provide their services free without fear, favor and prejudice. A Healer is a Spiritual Practitioner who has undergone a series of Practice with his Divine Master and has achieved a level of attunement with his Master, such that he easily manipulates his hands.


About our healing method

The person seeking help sits in front of the Healer, who then closes his eyes and put both palms together. Within seconds the palms separate and moves in a coordinated pattern. The healer’s hands begin to move and in so doing, effects spiritual treatment. During the hand movements (no physical contact), the Divine Master begins to diagnose the patient and effect treatment accordingly. The treatment stops when the hands of the Healer come to a closed position. The Healer then provides thanks to the Divine Master. All Healers may have different hand closing patterns. The healer then proceeds with the same procedure to bless a bottle of water brought by the patient. The treatment normally takes about 2 to 5 minutes. 

During the healing, the Healer receives information in terms of visions, feelings or messages.

Representative Healing is performed for those who cannot come to the Centre, or who would not attend for their own reasons. Those in this category include patients too sick to be moved, patients residing overseas or outstation and those possessed or charmed.  For representative healings, the friend or relative of the patient sits in front of the Healer and relates the name of the patient and also states their relationship. The procedure is typically the same as with direct face-to-face spiritual healings.


Request for distant healing

For those who cannot for obvious reason present themselves at the Centre for healings, can request healing via the Internet. Distant healing is just as effective and all we need from you is an email request providing your name or the name of the patient, his whereabouts and his birth date. It is not easy, at first, for one to see how this healing is made at a distance, but when it is seen how easily one can reach a friend through a phone, the same principle applies.


How often does one need Spiritual Healing?

Healing is through Affinity and if you do have the affinity you will come forward and seek treatment. The patient comes forth as he deems necessary. Some illnesses require more attendance but usually the healer will advise if this is so, or you will know your own requirements. We do encourage patients to drop by occasionally even though they do not feel sick. The centre is opened to the Public only on Sundays from 10.00am to 2.00pm (Eastern Time). However for emergency cases, please feel free to contact the Healers at any day and time.

 Effects of Spiritual Healing

People who are sick and suffering and who turn to spiritual healing for help, do indeed see some remarkable changes when all medical science has failed.

Spiritual healing can help with almost any problem, mental, physical or emotional. There is no known condition that cannot be helped to some degree or another through spiritual healing. Our Healers are especially effective for removal of charms or exorcising evil possessed. Such problems are normally resolved within a minute. Physical problems such as frozen shoulders, stiff necks, headaches, backaches and bad knees shall be treated by the Healer’s assistant who has undergone some ‘beating’ lessons. The beating with the back of the palms relieves clogged arteries permitting immediate regular blood circulation. The assistants are also Spiritual Practitioners and with their relationship with their Divine Masters shall not be in a danger of absorbing bad energy when physical contacts with the patients are made. The areas to be physically treated shall be determined as directed by the Healers.

During the healing session you may or may not feel anything. If you don't feel anything, it does not mean that the healing was not effective. Instead it only means that you don't have the ability to sense the healing energy - some people do and others don't. For those spiritually sensitive inclined, with each movement of the Healer’s arms, he will hear strong wind blowing. Healing does not always work at a visible level, the illness may remain but the ability to cope with it improves and to such extent, the patient may not feel the pain any more.  Sometimes the problem (e.g. tumor) becomes dormant.

We cannot recommend that you stop and abandon your regular medical treatment. You as the patient will know whether the treatment has been effective or not. Some illnesses may take more than 1 treatment. From our experiences, spiritual problems like demon possession or charms, takes mere seconds to heal.  

Spiritual Healing is also not just about getting well, but also dying well. At worst, death becomes easy and the sufferer dies peacefully feeling very little or no pain.


What is the cost of spiritual Healing?

There is absolutely no charge whatsoever for Spiritual Healing. All of our Healers are voluntary workers and have their own source of income. The centre is a non-profitable organization and is maintained by the annual subscription fees that the members contribute at the start of each year.