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Spiritual Induction


Before going into Spiritual Practice, one has to be inducted. The induction is a simple procedure, whereby, the person acknowledges his Divine Master who is assigned to him by the Supreme Deity, the Almighty’s administrator. An Inductor who has been given the authority and blessing from the Supreme Deity performs the induction. In the process, the person kneels down in front of the Inductor who then requests the Supreme Deity to assign a Heavenly being as the person’s Divine Master. The procedure takes only a couple of seconds and is concluded with the person providing the Kow Tow, the traditional bowing to his Divine Master, initiating the start of a Master and Disciple relationship.




Spiritual practicing with your Divine Master

The Practice is a simple, relax, effortless procedure performed while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. The Practitioner begins by kneeling down with a glass of water in both hands, and invites his Master to drink, before drinking a mouthful. He then place the glass in front of him and provides a Kow Tow (pay Obeisance), a traditional hand praying gesture, followed by three bows, with the forehead touching the ground. This praying and bowing is repeated three times as a respect to his Master. He then assumes a comfortable sitting position, palms together and with the eyes closed. Within seconds the spiritual practice starts with the palms separating and the hands will start to move. The hands movements are conducted by the Master and during this session, the Practitioner looses temporary control of his arms. Throughout the session, the Practitioner experienced a high degree of relaxation and tranquility.

Each practice session may last between 5 minutes to an hour or so, and ends when the hands assumed a closing gesture. The closing gesture differs between different Masters and is made known to the Practitioner during the Induction. Should the Practitioner want to end a practice session, he does so by requesting his Master to take a rest. With the end of each practice, the Practitioner provides a Kow Tow to thank his Master and invites his Master to finish the glass of water.

Developing a relationship with God through your Divine Master will provide you with guidance for making decisions and solving problems. The Divine ones have a universal wisdom that goes beyond what you can accomplish through your own intellect. Through Spiritual Practice, you can draw upon this greater wisdom to help you resolve all kinds of difficulties. By learning to ask your Divine Master for guidance, you'll be surprised to find that every sincere request sooner or later is answered. And the quality of that answer generally exceeds what you could have figured out through your own conscious intellect or will.


The following are guidelines for an effective relationship with your Divine Master:

  1. Respect him at all times. You cannot provide him with material gifts such as a watch, cash or a gold bar, as being the Enlightened, he has devout off material gains and values and need not such things. You can only provide him with respect and it should come from your heart. Always Invite him to eat and drink, each time before you do so.
  2. Do not challenge him or make terms with him. Provide him your respect sincerely and willingly.
  3. When seeking his help, do not instruct him on what to do, but rather ask for his decision. Be willing to accept what he provides. Trust that he knows best and what’s good for you.
  4. Be confident that he will communicate his wishes and help you realise them. Sometimes the answer does not come immediately and may surface only after a few days.

These are some of the characteristics that will forge a close relationship with your Divine Master. All of them can significantly contribute to your personal advancement in the Spiritual Practice.


 Spiritual Awareness

As you start your practice, it is important to remember that there are no shortcuts. You will not become a ‘master’ overnight. The knowledge earned comes naturally with the Spiritual practice and should not be induced through reading of books or through another individual. Wisdom is different from intellectualism and most ‘masters’ gain wisdom even though they are not intellectual. Over time, as your awareness expands, all doubts are removed and you will begin to see and understand things in better prospective.

Through your spiritual practice, you will gain true wisdom and knowledge of Good and Evil become apparent. You will no longer fear Ghosts or the Evil ones and you will find living meaningful. Refraining from committing sins and helping others willingly becomes a way of life. This is what disciplining oneself is all about! Although it is possible to change some character traits overnight, chances are it will take heaping portions of time, effort and sacrifice to discipline oneself.
Who you are as a human being has nothing to do with what you do for a living or the material things you have. While it certainly is nice to have money in the bank, a comfortable house and a new car, if you're faced with a major health issue or if a natural disaster strikes or if a business deal goes bad, all of these material things can be swept away in an instant.
Divine judgment on a human being is based on what he does to others and how he behaves, not by what he has or has not.


 God does not punish us, but by his ignore, the Evil ones begins their influence.