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What is Spiritual Science?

Spiritual Science is an investigation of a person’s relationship to God, through his Divine ones on a very personal experience. This discipline explores understanding and awareness of What’s Divine and What’s Manmade. The Divine Ones are Heavenly Beings and are the Enlightened.

 Current Trend

More and more open dialogues are now occurring between scientific and religious communities, leading to more publishing articles and books in this field. There are now regular conferences, a wide range of web sites, and many academic courses in the sciences and theology on this subject at universities around the world.

This spirit of dialogue reflects openness to new thoughts and seeks to identify norms within the different religions and the sciences that are apparent in identifying what’s Divining and what’s Manmade.

Spiritual Science is approached with a Theory put forward and deliberated with personal experiments to verify. Efforts are put forth to explore theories, which examine the relationship of Man and the Divine Ones.

The word "spiritual" has long been associated with the supernatural, with mysticism, faith, deity worship and other metaphysical phenomenon. Spiritualism should not be mistaken as religion. It involves Mankind, regardless of Race, Creed, Religion and Sex.

Society of Spiritual Science

The purpose of the Society is to provide those interested in spiritual practice and healing to embark on a meaningful start. For those interested, they may apply to join the Society as a member. Upon their request, the new members go through Spiritual induction, a simple procedure that takes seconds. A Divine Master is assigned to the member who is now known as a Practitioner. Our goal is to diminish fear, mysticism superstition and prejudices surrounding this field, which the average people hold. The Practitioner seeks to discipline oneself and to seek the Truth. When the time is ripe, the Practitioner receives the Divine decree and will assume the status of a Healer.



Protection Against Evil

The best defense against evil, is to embrace Spiritual practice by acknowledging a Divine Master (Spirit Guide, Angel, Deity) and by so, becomes his disciple. If you recognize evil and understand what it is, when you encounter it, then you will know better how to deal with it. Remember, that just because you have chosen to be good and walk the pathways of righteousness, that does not guarantee that only good things will happen to you. In fact, by choosing to be good, you shall be constant targets of the evil ones, as those who are bad becomes associated with the evil ones, effectively acting as their agents.

If evil does confront you, rely on the power of your Master and the principle of Good triumphing over Evil to destroy it. Seek out the help of a Spiritual Inductor, someone who has the authority and blessing of Him to provide a Spiritual Master, a Deity, an Angel or categorily, a Heavenly Being. Once inducted, you then begin your Spiritual Practice. Meditation is not encouraged, as once in a deep level of tranquility, spirits, both Good and Evil can possess the body.

One simple thing that you can do to help protect yourself from evil influences is to have a spiritual aura placed around you, sealing your whole body. A Healer easily does this.



When a person dies, the soul detaches from the body and transforms into a Spirit. Within a period of 49 days, the soul receives judgment and becomes a Spirit. For those who have committed a spiritual sin (against the Almighty), he automatically becomes an Evil Spirit and joins the Devil and Demons. For those (majority) with morale sins (against other Humans), he assumes the position of a Spirit-in-Waiting and joins the Ghosts. Finally, for those without sins, they become a Good Spirit and join the Earth Deities. Ghosts are not evil and await their chance to live again, i.e. become a human being through reincarnation. The Evil Spirits live to create havoc to Mankind and are the causes of all bad things. They influence Man to commit sin through jealousy and temptation, greed, lust and power. The Earth Deities exist as a counter to the Evil ones and it is these Deities who fight evil. The power of these Deities is equal to the Evil Spirits and after accumulation of many credits, they ascend to join the Holy Spirit, and become the Heavenly Beings.

All spirits (good & Evil) can easily enter a body and posses the soul. Humans are in spiritual terms, consist of a Body and a Soul. When the soul is not in harmony with the body, the person becomes sick and if the soul detaches from the body, the person dies. It is possible for more than one spirit to inhabit a body. It is also possible for both good and evil spirits to inhabit a body at the same time.  Without Divine permission, a Good Spirit cannot enter a body. However in many cases this happens, especially to save the body who has been possessed by ‘dirty’ spirit(s). Dirty spirits consist of Ghosts and Demons/Devil, the Evil Spirits. When this happen, the Divine one breaks the law and becomes a Rogue.


If a demon wants to enter into your body, there is very little you can do. The demon being evil, can do great damage and create havoc. Once the demon is within your body, it will leave only when it is ready to do so, or when it is forced to do so.

In instances of possession by the Spirits, it becomes necessary to drive them out, both the dirty (evil spirits and ghosts) and good spirits. When a body is possessed, the person looses control of himself and behaves abnormally. Most of the people diagnosed as medically insane are mostly possessed, and can be easily healed by spiritual healing. A Healer requires only matter of seconds to drive the spirits out. In most cases, the dirty spirits are destroyed in the process. The Good Spirits and the Rogues are normally given a chance to leave voluntarily. Failure to leave within a given time frame, these Spirits may face the same fate as the Dirty Spirits.